Why G502 Counters Turbo Building Nerf

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After the release of the new 10.20 Fortnite update the whole fortnite community got upset of the current state of the game and that’s because Epic games nerfed turbo building by making the delay between wall placements higher. That small change made a huge problem in the game because now you can do 90s for exemple or any crazy build battle tricks correctly. That’s also why you may have seen the hashtag #RevertTurboBuilding Trending on twitter with more than 150k Tweets, but for now Epic Games still didn’t respond to the outrage.

Why the Logitech g502 is now really good for Fortnite?

If you follow the fortnite community on reddit and twitter you may have noticed that many streamers including Chap and Benjyfishy mentioning the Logitech G502. So they starting to use G502 again because its really good at building since it has an infinite scroll wheel.

G502 is on a huge sale in amazon

G502 infinite Scroll wheel

So if you wonder what is an infinite scroll wheel, it’s when you roll your scroll wheel only once and it keeps rolling over and over again by itself and all you have to do is to tap your building keybinds while the G502 is rolling.

and this is a demonstration on the G502 Scroll Wheel!

Advantage of Logitech G502 on Fortnite

Sadly with the current state of the game, if you don’t own the Logitech g502 mouse you are pretty much screwed since anyone using it will have a huge advantage over you, so if you want to catch up you can get yours , did i also mentionned that its on a huge sale right now? :