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The Best Fortnite Settings

Using you will be able to find your best Pro Fortnite player settings easily and get better performance in your best battle royale game.

Fortnite Battle Royale is an online survival game where 100 people jump from the battle bus into an island until the last person standing in the map wins the whole match. Fortnite can be played on cross-platform which means you can find PC, Xbox One, PS4 ,Nitendo Switch ,IOS and Android Players in the same fortnite match.

This battle royale game was originally released back in July 2017 by Epic Games and since them it has gained a lot of popularity among all gamers with an estimate of 200 million players as an all time high.

Fortnite has 3 game modes which are Battle royale ,Save the world and Creative mode. Save the world mode is a paid co-op survival usually against Zombies.The Creative mode is a multiplayer mode where you can have so much fun by creative your own map for exemple or join other maps to train on aim or learn how to build and also there are racing maps and prop hunt maps.

You might be asking how did fortnite blow up? so everything started to grow insanly fast when ninja and the famous rapper Drake played toghether in Fortnite at one point ninja had 600k viewers in his Twitch channel which was a world record back then.

Building in fortnite so very hard for beginners specially using the default settings, that’s why FortniteProSettings Provides you with a bunch of pro players settings that are obviously working good , so set them up, try them out and if they weren’t confortable come back and search for another player’s settings, also remember that Fortnite Settings are a personal preference so make sure to tweak them until you find Your Best Fortnite Settings.

FortniteProSettings is the website to go to when searching for Fortnite Pro Settings in Season 10 and also the setups of your favorite streamers or Pro players including TfueBenjyfishyMongraal and Ghost Bizzle. We here at are Fortnite Battle Royale gamers and content consumers which lead to create this website by gathering all we know about  your favorite Fortnite player settings.

Simply find in our website using the search function your favorite Fortnite player’s settings and copy them to your game for a better experience.

We try our very best to keep all of our data up to date, but it can of course happen that something gets outdated. If that’s the case then please leave a comment and we’ll update our data as soon as possible.