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Here’s a List of the top 15 coolest pickaxes in fortnite made by FortniteProSettings, PS: this is all due to my personal opinion you guys might disagree with me you might agree with me let me know in the comments if I missed one or one and ones in here that shouldn’t have been whatever the case is let me know down below.

Let’s get right into the list of best fortnite pickaxes!

For 15 pickaxe we have the Thunder crash now this is the part of the dark bomber set and it’s honestly a pretty cool pickaxe it’s one where basically every single time you get a kill it gradually grows in size the little horn on the end until you hit six kills so it’s pretty cool kind of changes with how good of a player you are this item was you could be you could buy it from the item shop for a thousand to the redox and it’s been in the item shop five times and it’s definitely a pretty cool pickaxe to have and to own now coming in to our 14th spot we have the axe caliber now a lot of you guys probably don’t even know what this pickaxe is and you guys are probably I’ve never heard of it and that’s because it is a very very old G pick axe one of the oldest in the game and it came in the battle pass first season to you and you had to reach tier 35 inside of it it’s part of the fortnight set for the fortnight so basically the Black Knight set basically and it’s a pretty cool axe but mostly it’s pretty popular than though just because of its og and rarity come in at our number 

13 spot we have the plunger now this one has been in the shop over 30 times so definitely isn’t like a rare pickaxe or anything I just personally think it looks super super cool it sounds really cool and I’m pretty sure ninja the one who made it so popular because obviously like he has a ninja sword and inside of it and everything and he used this one for a while and I saw him using it and I thought I’d cop it in the item shop and I’m really glad I did because it’s honestly a pretty cool pickaxe and if you have this one you guys have probably used it a couple times too if you do have it because it is actually a sick pickaxe looking wise and sounding was coming in at our number 

12 spot we have the cosmic cleavers now this is a brand new pickaxe coming in the season 10 battle pass which you have to be tier 15 and it’s the first dual wield pickaxe on this list and if you guys don’t know what dual wield means basically it means you have one pickaxe in each hand and basically it’s just really cool I really like how they added the idea of having one in each hand instead of just one using both hands kind of like a sword or whatever you want to do I kind of like the double-edged ones it’s pretty cool and I definitely think it was a cool addition to the game and these cosmic cleavers honestly I’m sure a lot of you guys will have it since a lot of you guys watching this video will have the tier or the season x battle pass but I just think they look super super cool and definitely a cool design now

 coming in at the number 11 spot we have this studded axe now this is a pretty plain basic pickaxe I just think it looks really cool and honestly a lot of people really enjoy this pickaxe from what I’ve heard and I see a lot of people using this one and basically it’s been in the shop around 22 times so it is still pretty common but it’s only 800 V boxes it’s definitely a pretty cool looking pickaxe as well as kind of like the plunger it sounds pretty cool and I honestly think it deserves a spot on this list 

coming in at our number 10 spot we have one of my favorite tools in the game and it is the rift edge now this one was a little bit uncommon because you basically had to complete four out of the five drift challenges back in the season 5 battle paths so sure season 5 is not battle G but it still is and a lot of people didn’t actually decide to complete the overtime challenge the drift challenges basically so a lot of people didn’t end up getting this one I thankfully did and I’ve used it a ton because honestly it’s one of the best sounding pickaxes in my opinion plus it just looks really really cool 

coming in at the number 9 slot we have the vision pickaxe and now supposedly this one actually allows you to break walls quicker I don’t know if this is true so don’t quote me on this but I have heard from rumors and from people telling me that the vision and then one more pickaxe which I’ll talk about later on this list actually supposedly breaks a wall quicker because you can switch between it and you’re done and your builds I don’t know if this is true this is just personally what I’ve heard could just be a placebo effect because it’s a really small one and it’s super super quick but again I don’t know for sure this one’s been in the shop seven times at only 800 VBox and it’s part of the rural Boros set I think that’s how you pronounce it um but yeah this was definitely even if it doesn’t help competitively which again I don’t know if it does it’s just a cool-looking pickaxe and for only 800 V bucks it’s honestly a pretty good deal so I definitely think this one did sigh deserves to be on the top 10.

coming in at the number 8 spot we have this skull sickle now a lot of you guys probably know but it came basically back to earth the first time that came to the item shop was part of the skull trooper re-release where basically they had that kind of green version of the skull trooper they decided to add the skull sickle with it which I honestly think is a super dope pickaxe again sounds super super cool looks absolutely unbelievable it’s only been in the shop six times so it actually kind of is an uncommon pickaxe to see but yeah it definitely looks super cool part of a pretty cool set with the og skull trooper as well as the girl skull Ranger I’m pretty sure that’s what she’s called yes called Ranger but yeah this one’s definitely a pretty cool one and let’s get on to the next one now

 coming in at the number 7 spot we basically have the kind of brother or different side of the skull sickle and it is the Reaper pickaxe now this was probably one of the most old G pickaxes in the game and I guess for it decided our epic game decided to riad it in the item shop and I’m super glad they did because basically I decided to comp it because I am NOT that OD and now it’s been in the item shop ten times and it’s one of the best-looking pickaxes in my opinion and obviously it sounds super super dope you really know it probably from all the o G’s like TSM myth using it all the time and it’s definitely a cool pickaxe even because it has that og kind of vibe with it even though it’s not anymore it definitely still has that kind of reminisce of being og 

coming in at our number 6 spot we have the ac/dc pickaxe now you almost see no one nowadays using it the only time I think I see the ac/dc pickaxe is what a Black Knight is using it besides that I very rarely hear it or see it and the reason I say hear it is because it is very very loud pickaxe but I did have to add it in at number six just because it is so so Oh G basically you got to be tier 63 or level 63 in the season to bottle pass which obviously a lot of people didn’t make it to that level I think I was one tier before the ac/dc pickaxe and obviously I kind of regret not getting it but I mean I still wouldn’t use it that much right now so doesn’t really matter to me as much but it definitely is a very very odd G pickaxe which is the reason it’s so high on this list now the moment you guys have all been waiting for the top five pickaxes.

 coming in at number 5 we have the most expensive pickaxe in the game and it is these stellar axe so basically you obtain this pickaxe with purchasing of the galaxy samsung note 9 and basically you got the galaxy skin the galaxy back fling as well as a stellar ox so obviously unless you spent three hundred four hundred dollars on the skin or the phone you can’t buy get this pickaxe so obviously it is very very what’s the word uncommon I guess you can say even rare because not a lot of people have it so that’s why it is number five of this list and it’s definitely a big one 

coming in at our number four 4 we have the rainbow smash now this is the probably biggest like known pickaxe in the world they sell these toys at Toys R Us they sell them on Amazon TSM myth has one behind a desk in the TSM house and it’s been in the item shop 12 times but I don’t know why I think it’s just because the bright bomber it’s part of the bright bomber set this is one of the most like like I said commonly known pickaxes in all four at night just because it’s pretty cool it’s a unicorn and like I said all the Toys R Us stores all that stores just absolutely loves it because it’s good for kids and a lot of people enjoyed this one so yeah this is why it’s so high on this list 

coming in at our number 3 spot we have another dual pickaxe and it is the dual edged now this one is part of the drift set as well and it’s only been in the item shop three times for a thousand two hundred bucks but honestly I love the sound of the pickaxe it looks pretty cool plus I definitely think it’s the best looking dual wield pickaxe so that’s why I came so high on this list at number three now let’s move to one you guys have been waiting for the top two 

coming in at the number 2 spot we have probably one of my favorite looking pickaxes and it is the candy axe now this has been in the shop 14 times and it’s been a thousand and five hundred Reeboks and this is the other one that supposedly breaks walls quicker and it allows you to switch to your builds quicker again I don’t know if that’s a fact that’s just what I’ve heard but it also sounds really cool and looks really cool so that’s why it’s so high on this list and it’s probably one of them highest ranked from the community as well 

coming in at our number 1 spot we have the one that you guys probably knew is gonna happen and it is the Raiders revenge now technically this is part of the renegade Raider set and it is even more rare than the renegade Raider since the renegade Raider you got to be level 20 to purchase from the item shop and the Raiders revenge you actually have to be level 35 back in season 1 and it still costs a thousand five hundred bucks which a lot of people didn’t want to spend back then but yeah that’s it for this list hopefully you guys enjoyen

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