Best Fortnite Sensitivity PC

Fortnite Sensitivity PC Settings

The key PC settings you’ll need to pay attention to are:

Mouse Sensitivity – Governs your general mouse sensitivity when turning and firing from the hip.
Mouse ADS Sensitivity – Your sensitivity when aiming down sights.
Mouse Scope Sensitivity – Your sensitivity when scoped in.
we recommend setting your general mouse sensitivity higher than your ADS and Scope options.

How To Edit Your Mouse DPI:

DPI stands for Dots Per Inch and to change it you need a professional gaming mouse that comes with a software.

Here’s the BEST Budget Mouse for Fortnite

Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O

Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O

Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

It might be frustrating to look for the best fortnite sensitivity that works for you, that’s why we have 3 options for you to solve this problem.

Use our Recommanded Fortnite Sensitivty:

Here are the best fortnite sensitivity for: 400 DPI, 800 DPI, 1000 DPI,1200 DPI.

400 DPI 800 DPI 1000 DPI 1200 DPI

Gaming Mouse Bungee

Having a Gaming Mouse Bungee is really important in fortnite so here’s the best one in the market right now. It’s from razer and it’s high quality.

Copy Your Favorite player Sensitivity

This option works only if you have the same mouse and mousepad as your favorite player but the outcome is really impressive.

Invent your own sensitivity:

Another way to fix this aiming issue is to stick to the same sensitivity/mouse and mousepad until you feel confident about it.

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